Python 3

This code requires Python 3.6 or later. If you are running on Linux or Mac OS, then it is almost certainly already installed. If you are running on Widows, you can install Python using instructions on any number of web sites (such as this one).

You may wish to configure a virtual environment within which to install and run autoBWF.


If needed, download and run the installer for the BWFMetaEdit CLI (Command Line Interface) appropriate to your operating system from Note that having the BWFMetaEdit GUI installed is not sufficient.

autoBWF has been tested with bwfmetaedit v1.3.3 and v1.3.8. Note that earlier versions of bwfmetaedit have a bug that introduces spurious characters at the end of the CodingHistory element. This bug has been confirmed to exist in v1.3.1.1, and it may affect other versions prior to v1.3.3.

Optional software

In order to run autolame and autosplice, you will also need to install lame (for autolame) and SoX v14.4.2 (for autosplice).

Note that some LINUX package repositories (e.g. Ubuntu 16.04) have an earlier version of SoX that seems to have problems with time specifications, so you may need to install from source. If you are doing so on Ubuntu, you may need to run sudo ldconfig after installation if you get a sox: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory error.

Installing autoBWF

The latest release of autoBWF is available on PyPI and can be installed using

pip3 install autoBWF

The “bleeding edge” version is in the master branch on github, and can be installed by cloning the repository and installing the local code with pip3, or by running

pip3 install git+git://

The master branch should contain functional code — development work that is likely to result in a broken state is done on feature branches.