Program configuration is stored as a JSON file named autobwfconfig.json in a directory appropriate to your operating system. If the file does not exist, then a “starter” file will be created for you. You can find the location of your configuration file by running:

autoBWF --config

This file should be edited using the text editing program of your choice in order to reflect your repository’s usage. In particular, you can customize the values in all of the dropdown menus, set the boilerplate copyright texts, and save the models and serial numbers of your hardware for constructing the BWF CodingHistory element.

Originator and repository information

  • Set the pre-filled value for the BWF Originator element:

    "originator": "Apocryphal St. U. Archives"
  • Set the value of the RIFF IARL element:

    "iarl": "US, Apocryphal State University Archives and Special Colletions"
  • Set the repository code used to construct the BWF OriginatorRef element:

    "repocode": "ApoSU"

Program behavior

  • Control whether bwfmetaedit is sent the --accept-nopadding flag (no if 0, yes otherwise):

    "accept-nopadding": 1
  • Specify the filename format (see below for full usage details):

    "filenameRegex": ".*_([0-9-]+_[A-Z]{2}\\\d+)_\\\d+_([a-zA-Z]+)_(\\\d+)\\\.wav"
  • Control how the file use portion of the file name is translated into a file use statement in the BWF Description:

    "fileuse": {
        "pres": "Preservation Master",
        "presInt": "Preservation Master-Intermediate",
        "prod": "Production Master"

Combo box elements

The prefilled values of the autoBWF combo box GUI elements (ISFT, ITCH, ISRC, Copyright owner, Form, Creator) are controlled by a list value associated with the appropriate key, e.g.:

"isft": [
    "Audacity 2.3.2"
"technician": [
    "Doe, John",
    "Doe, Jane"

If you want a combo box to be empty be default but still have a set of preconfigured choices in the dropdown, then make the first element of the list an empty string:

"technician": [
     "Doe, John",
     "Doe, Jane"

CodingHistory constructor menus

autoBWF constructs the CodingHistory text based on user selections in the dropdown menus to the right of the text box. The contents of those menus is controlled by the following JSON elements:

"deck": {
    "list": ["Studer", "Realistic"],
    "Studer": "Studer A810 SN:11223344",
    "Realistic": "Realistic 909A SN:1234321"

"adc": {
    "list": ["Lynx"],
    "Lynx": "Lynx Aurora 16 SN:897969"

"software": {
    "list": ["Audacity - Mac", "Audacity - Linux"],
    "Audacity - Mac": "Audacity (Mac)",
    "Audacity - Linux": "Audacity x.x.x. (Linux Ubuntu)"

"media": [
    "1/4 inch open reel",

"speed": [
    "7.5 ips",
    "3.25 ips"

"eq": [
    "Dolby B",
    "Dolby C"

"type": [

Some of these elements have a “list” key similar to the copyright dropdown menu configuration (“deck”, “adc”, “software”), while for the remainder the text in the dropdown menu is the same as the text inserted into the CodingHistory (similar to the combo box configuration).