The purpose of autoBWF is to provide an Python/PyQt5 GUI for embedding internal metadata in WAVE audio files using the Broadcast Wave standard, FADGI BWFMetaEdit, and XMP.

Unlike the existing BWFMetaEdit GUI, autoBWF is extremely opinionated and will automatically generate metadata content based on file naming conventions, system metadata, and pre-configured repository defaults. In addition, it can copy metadata fields from a template file to avoid having to enter the same information multiple times for derivative files of the same physical instantiation.

Also included are two command line programs (autosplice and autolame) which simplify the creation of derivative files.

Known issues

  • Reading of XMP data causes a temp file to be created and deleted in the same directory as the WAVE file. This may cause a change to the modification time for the directory, which could cause a problem for some digital preservation schemes.
  • autoBWF strives to write valid XMP, but when reading Wave files it makes significant assumptions about the structure of the XMP XML beyond those mandated by the XMP standard. Therefore, it is capable of reliably reading only XMP generated by autoBWF itself, and metadata written by other software may not be correctly parsed.